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Summer 2023

We've been taking a break, but we're back! Life did what life does and pulls us in directions we didn't expect, so we can come full circle with fresh perspective and renewed energy for the future. We're excited to bring back a fan favorite class for the summer, introduce a new teaching artist and offer more opportunities!

Visit here for our Covid safety practices, and please complete this brief survey to offer input on how 1403ArtSpace can serve you!



Age: 12 - Adult

Instructor: N/A

Some Sunday afternoons 2:00 - 4:00pm

(get on our mailing list for announcements)

Need a Sunday afternoon to recharge, move slowly and be happy? Come make art with us! There is usually a featured technique or medium, explore it with us, or bring that thing you always wanted to finish! Expect no expectations, and tea. Also birds. The birds will probably want to fly around and make you feel like Snow White.

Open Studio is free, but attendance is limited. Please RSVP so I know to expect you!




Age: 2nd - 5th grade

Instructor: Lorelei Amato and Alaya Whitmore

July 31st to Aug 4th

9:00am - 3:00pm

We are SOOO excited to be bringing the Greek Theater class back! In this week-long camp, students will explore the history, structure and relevance of ancient Greek theater, then use what we learned to create a play of our own. We will make masks, create costumes, develop characters, build a stage set, and collaborate on a script in the style of the ancients. Class culminates in a performance and celebration of what we created together. This year has a very special spin, SANCA coach Alaya Whitmore will be joining us to incorporate circus arts into our performance! 


Note: this is not an exploration of Greek mythology. If you're interested in that, let me know, I'd love to give it a try! 

$375 per student. 


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