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How 1403 Came to be

I've been a teaching artist for over 20 years, working with all ages, materials and techniques. I specialize in creating arts-integrated history, social studies and personal growth curriculum. Helping people unlock creativity and discover the power in their hands to feed their minds and spirits gets me out of bed in the morning (Also my cat. Well, mostly my cat. She's very obnoxious in the morning.)


 I've trundled my supplies all over the city, or tried to squeeze classes into a tiny home studio. I dreamt of a space all my own that was bright and welcoming, with room for plenty of students and lots of supplies to share, and I would make it available to other teaching artists. It would be a space where anyone at any skill level would be comfortable opening up to the creative process and leave feeling restored and joyful. Everyone would be happy and life would be perfect. It was a great dream.

Fast forward to 2018. A long story that begins with "that won't be a big deal", peaks at moving out of my house for a year, and ends with a new studio space! It is bright and welcoming, with room for plenty of students and lots of supplies to share. Life isn't perfect, not everyone is happy, but the dream is real. I hope that you will come and live it with me!

-Lorelei Amato


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you, and how do I get there? 

We're located at 1403 S. Hanford St., Seattle WA 98144. Look for the blue house on the SE corner. When you arrive, follow the gravel path through the gate and into the studio entrance. .  

Parking is usually not a problem, but we're a 10 minute walk from the Beacon Hill light rail station, and one block from #60 and #107 bus route stops. 

What about accessibility?

Unfortunately we are not ADA accessible, we're happy to arrange for whatever assistance would be helpful.

How about allergies?

We do not use chemical scents or cleansers in our home. 

We do have a cat, and there are birds in the studio. The cat can be kept away if preferred.

What if I want to offer a class?

Check out the Contact  page for information about using the studio and how to propose a class/workshop/event/etc.

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