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Supply List for Art Around the World 1


Items in blue are available online at this Dick Blick supply list. You’ll get more information there for finding equivalent items and be able to make purchases as needed. If supplies are an obstacle, I'm happy to  share mine. Email me. 



  • Acrylic or tempera in primary colors, brown, black, white

  • Watercolor set



  • Watercolor paper

  • Construction paper multi-colored, black and white

  • Cardboard or heavy cardstock

  • Regular Printer paper



  • Wide tip marker set

  • Opaque metallic pens, esp gold.

  • pencil

  • eraser

  • Optional: fine tip pen and colored pencil set.


Craft Materials:

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Ribbon, fabric scraps, yarn

  • Clay- multi colored set. Oil based, air dry or oven baked.

  • Misc sequins, google eyes, buttons, beads, etc.



  • Ruler (clear is ideal)

  • Paint brushes

  • Paint palette

  • Cup for rinsing brushes

  • Scissors

  • Rag or paper towels for blotting brushes



  • Straws

  • Cotton swabs

  • Coffee filters

  • Printer

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